Private residence on Lake Woerth

Schlagenhofen / Upper Bavaria / Germany
1996 - 1998

client: private

Schlagenhofen is an estate with individual housing at the periphery of the built-up area and is characterized by the sober style of the 60’s and 70’s.

The building is response to the steeply upward sloping ice age bank of the lake. The search for a building type found its answer in the classic boat and bath cabin which can be found on many Bavarian lakes. Situated on the water’s edge, its filigree supports make it appear to hover over the water. It is the type of construction which informs the conceptual foundation of the design. The result is a slender structure which does not empede, but rather complements the flow of the existing park landscape.

Towards the South the main building and multi-functional garage form the perimeter of a patio as a protected space during the intermediate seasons.