Residential Building Graefelfing

2009 - 2011

in collaboration with H.P.Lenke

client: private
exterior design: Giessel Landschaftsarchitekten, München

In the wider context of a large park with a very old tree population which, to the West, borders on an extensive nature reserve, the house is fitted into the landscape like an elegant solitaire It constitutes the final urban development element of the existing free-standing single dwelling houses. Its angled design allows the residents an unencumbered view in all directions. The large-scale glazing in the exterior shell links inside and outside. The spatial design of the interior permits both generous openness as well as retreat into distinct closed space.


The impression of the landscape is strongly marked by the precious old trees population and the neighbouring nature reserve. They provide the framework for the landscaping of the private open spaces of the building. The vegetation elements increasingly lose their formality towards the garden’s horizon and eventually completely merge with the old tree and grass structure thus creating the impression of a generous flowing parkscape.