We conceive of spatial arrangements for our daily coexistence in keeping with our societal and social responsibilities. These impact on the identity and spatial culture of the houses we design and their locations, and they create an ambiance for people in their homes, in their work sphere and in their places of leisure.

Inspired dialogue with a fully engaged client unlocks a great variety of approaches to place, space and function.

A cohesive design strategy lays the foundation, in close cooperation with the specialists and engineers, from conception through to detailed plan, for a quality overall concept. The result are places and buildings with a clear identity, of high build quality and a sensory presence. Economic thinking and action as well as technically sound project handling are self evident.

We endeavour, together with our planning partners from disciplines such as technical building equipment and open spaces, to develop for our clients buildings of functional quality and architectural clarity, for the present and the future.

We work in both cities and in the countryside. New builds, remodelling, in particular of heritage buildings, use reassignment, extensions are all part of our catalogue and always closely associated with the private sphere, the town planning context and the contiguous landscapes.